Barking dogs have cost a Mt Claremont doctor more than $8000

Two neighbours complained about the noise made by a pair of Hungarian hunting
dogs owned by Dr Patrick Golden, of Rochdale Road.

In Perth Magistrate's Court on Tuesday, Dr Golden was fined $500 and ordered
to pay costs of $7500 after a two-day trial. He was also liable for his own costs.

Former neighbour Roel Loopers said he gave evidence in court of a dog
barking diary he kept. He said the diary showed he and his partner were woken
three to four times a night by the dogs, which also barked during the day.

After unsuccessfully approaching the owner and Nedlands council he wrote to
the Ombudsman and the Minister for Local Government, he said.

Council spokeswoman Peta Kenworthy said rangers visited Dr Golden and
spoke to him about the matter. "But he either did not, or would not, stop the
dogs barking," she said. "Therefore, this case went all the way to court, with
the magistrate's decision awarded against the defendant.

"The people who make complaints need to keep a diary of barking episodes for
evidence to show that the dog is barking habitually more than normal."

In this case, our rangers also did an independent random survey whereby they
went past the owner's property at various times over several days in one week.

"They also brought in an independent animal expert who examined the diaries
and gave an opinion."

The magistrate recorded a spent conviction.

From Post Newspapers, 18th October, 2008 in Perth, Western Australia

OWNER DEFIANCE over barking offences costs a WA doctor plenty