Here's the facts.
72% of Australian domestic households confine at least one dog. It follows that 72% of
decision-makers, law-makers, politicians and law enforcement officers are dog-keepers.

Further, we know from experience that this 72% of persons, occupying positions of considerable
power and control over their neighbours, will be biased against suggestions that dogs can be
seriously problematical.

Covertly, or overtly, this 72% of the population will continue to resist the fact that the developed
world is experiencing a pandemic of health issues arising from domestic dog-confinement.

They will never recognise that complaints about dogs must be better addressed by strengthening
and implementing dog control laws, and applying strict licensing pre-requisites and ownership

Unless and until the millions of dog-noise distressed citizens around the world raise sufficient
money to launch a damages claim, successfully emptying some recalcitrant's bank account for
compensation, then all of us will continue to be kept awake at night by dogs everywhere, we will
suffer untold health consequences, and remain a significant health risk.

The only way to redirect their selfish minds will be through financial shock, which will then
become the universal language for

The following post was lodged by Sue on the Topix forum (USA)