For those afflicted by local barking problems, I offer the following suggestions:

1. Do not contact the owner of any barking dog because if you do, you will then be identified as
the complainant and reprisals will be made against you.

2. Use recording devices for phone calls and video evidence. You will need to prove all that
happens to you.

3. Get in touch with an anti-barking campaigner to discuss the matter and work with him to
develop an action plan.

4. Do not contact your council until you DO have a plan of action.

5. If you are prepared to spend the money, seek advice from a solicitor
but be prepared for his recommendation to follow council advice.
If this happens, then tell him he should talk to an anti-barking campaigner
to get a better understanding of the problem.

6. Follow your action plan closely and be very careful with whom you discuss the matter.
Keep these issues to yourself as much as possible because others will not be
compassionate or understand the problems you are having or may yet encounter.

Neighbourhood disputes do not begin with a dispute.

They begin with a law breaker and a victim.

When law enforcement is called for and does not occur, innocent and guilty parties have no
option but to go into battle.

Mediation WILL NOT WORK and DOES NOT WORK, especially if a law has been broken to
start with.

Laws need to be enforced and there is no fuzzy and warm way to do it.

Councils that refuse to investigate matters like dog barking, broken fences, overhanging tree
branches and suchlike are impelling neighbourhood disputes.

Issues are cut and dry in the very beginning as there is a perpetrator and a victim in almost
every case.

Failing to enforce the laws is the problem, and I am sure that the underlying cause of disputes
could have been resolved very early if councils and police just did their jobs.

Police may say there are more important things to attend to, and that may well be the case,
but regardless of that, to leave a situation to escalate is irresponsible.

Government at all levels must act now, and the police MUST ENFORCE THE LAWS!

It is as simple as that.
"There exists insufficient scientifically compelling reasoning behind present
barking dog legislation to support, enable, encourage and/or require
enforcement authorities to pay serious attention to it."

... A retired Victorian lawyer