The Leader of the Tasmanian Liberal Party
Mr Will Hodgman, MHA
has offered for publication on this site
these excerpts from the Liberals' policy on Noise

“In the past few years the Liberals have lobbied strongly for the establishment of an Environment
Protection Authority for Tasmania, to not only strike a sensible balance between development and
protecting our environment, but to identify and police environmental breaches, provide a strong voice
for the environment and undertake a range of oversight and enforcement functions.

“Now that the Environment Protection Authority has been established, we continue to lobby for the
Authority to be adequately resourced to deal with breaches (including noise policy). Unfortunately for
many Tasmanians, one the major stumbling blocks to this has been the tardiness of the State Labor
Government in completing noise policy. The policy has been in draft format since 2003, and despite
commitments made in June 2008 by the Minister, after questions by myself, has still not been finalised.

“The Liberals will continue to lobby for decisive action on noise and dog control policies, while
advocating for individual Tasmanians who are the victim of excessive noise.

“We are actively developing policy for the 2010 State election and always welcome input into this
process from interested stakeholders”.