This extract is from the official website of the Tasmanian Greens

Policy: Environment

As the most environmentally influential species on Earth, humans have an ethical and practical
responsibility to respect biodiversity and care for other species and their habitats, both now and in the
future. The maintenance of a healthy environment is crucial to the delivery of intergenerational equity,
and the legacy we leave our children, and our children’s children.

Specific measures the Greens will take:

Environmental Protection: We will establish a fully-fledged Environmental Protection Authority with
reserved funding to examine, report on and police environmental legislation and procedures; ensure
greater compliance with environmental protection legislation than is currently the case

Noise Policy

We will develop a State Noise Policy recognising the non-auditory health impacts of noise.

The Greens will also create a Noise Unit within the Environment Department to respond to noise
complaints and to conduct noise testing and mapping.
This email is from Senator Bob Brown's office

Dear Peter,

Thank you for contacting Senator Brown; unfortunately his hectic schedule prevents him
from personally replying.

I refer you to the Australian Greens' Housing policy which address the important issue
of noise pollution by specifying that we will work to ensure that new buildings meet high
minimum standards of energy-efficiency, noise insulation and water conservation, as
well as retrofitting of old buildings to meeting these standards.

We will also work towards developing national planning guidelines for new housing
developments that require privacy and noise controls to be included.

The Housing policy can be read in full at the Australian Greens website