murdered by those appointed and empowered to uphold it !

Society's increasing Noise levels are distressing innumerable people these days, and some of them
feel so tormented that they approach their local council or the police seeking the restoration of
peace. Both authorities are empowered by state legislation to investigate complaints and to take
remedial action.

Naively, the victims of Noise do this because of their faith that "The System" will work for them if
their complaint is legitimate. They feel that as there has been order in the past then there should be
order now.

Unfortunately, this faith is rarely justified.

It has been found that councils and the police will generally refuse to assist the aggrieved
complainant. Their so-called "enforcement officers" will go through the charade of fake concern, but
really they want nothing at all to do with the problem and their most common evasory tactic is to
pretend that it doesn't exist.

The complainant is usually incredulous at this reaction, and justificably so. No matter how high he
takes his complaint he finds that everyone evades responsibility.

Complaining to the Ombudsman's office is futile. That office is part of the support system - no, not for
you, but for councils, governments and the police.

One of the most hideous conclusions eventually perceived by the complainant is that "the system" in
general and councils in particular regard HIM as the nuisance and not the offender!

The whole system is rigged from top to bottom and an increasing number of noise victims are
finding themselves with no choice but to sell up and move out.

Our advice is simple: Never complain to anyone at all, or even discuss the matter
outside the family, but solve the problem yourself in the least offensive way.